About Us

Permaculture Australia is a registered charity and environmental organisation. We are responsible for the management of the Permafund grants round and the administration of the nationally Accrediated Permaculture Training.

Permaculture Australia also has a key role in informing society about the value of permaculture as one of the solutions to the climate crisis.  Taking actions that are guided by permaculture principles and ethics reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and create systems that return carbon to the earth.

Permaculture offers a huge range of practical tools to improve household and community resilience, increase food security, better manage water, and reduce bushfire risks. All of these are sorely needed now that the climate is changing so much faster than expected, with unprecedented fire conditions, heatwaves and drought.

Visit our website https://permacultureaustralia.org.au/ to know more about our organisation or contact us directly!



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